The Momentum is a Canadian Holding Company

The Momentum is a Canadian Holding Company of a Group of International Companies, that are offering together with a synchronized, and a wide variety of Unique, and Smart Services.

First, AdBurg is owned by The Momentum, the Canadian Holding Company.
Second, we produce Smart Advertising Displays and Innovative Merchandising Solutions.
Third, our Innovations are produced in order to be used not only for your Outdoor Campaigns but also for your Indoor Advertising Campaigns as well.
Fourth, not to mention the High Creativity besides to Technology while using our Products.

Venia, is an Event Agency, that is offering, Professional Event Management Services.
Additionally, it is also representing a diversity of Elite Models, from different countries.
Our regional headquarters, located in Cyprus, Lebanon and Canada.

Aura, is an Online Luxury Fashion Boutique.
First, we promote luxury fashion items,
for Children, Men and Women.
Second, we have over 100 employees, working together, to create an unforgettable online shopping experience.
Third, we deliver fast to more than 140 countries.